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[For over 30 years, Steve Lenzen, co-founder of Destination Education, has been helping classroom teachers and other professionals access the finest educational support materials available.

For many years, Steve was the executive director of GPN, an educational media distributor and co-producer of the Emmy award winning Reading Rainbow series. Steve worked closely with Reading Rainbow to develop curriculum guides and classroom activities that helped teachers meet national educational standards while engaging students in learning through this powerful video series.

In addition, Destination Education is the exclusive distributor of Clinical Topics in Dentistry, a self-instructional learning package that meets the continuing education needs of the dental community.

Destination Education was founded in order to continue to offer teachers the nation's most sought after classroom-use materials with titles such as Rainbow, Wonderwise, Mathtalk, and DragonFlyTV. Destination Education continues the philosophy of providing excellent content supported by a variety of benefits, extensive rights at an affordable cost.

Experience the learning enhancement Destination Education can bring to your classroom by placing your first order today. We invite your feedback, comments and suggestions of additional products Destination Education should be offering. Please contact DEI by email at or call (402) 435-0110.

"I've been working with educators my entire professional career so I know how important it is to you to find ways to enliven classroom learning with a minimal investment.

"Destination Education offers you a multitude of learning enhancement tools at great prices. Look for specially marked items throughout the catalog for greater savings or free curriculum support materials."

-Steve Lenzen
President and co-founder
Destination Education, Inc.
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