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Esthetic Periodontal Surgery

Price: $60.00
Order Number: 175.0115
Format : DVD
Clinician: Robert M. Pick, DDS, MS, FACD,FICD
Viewing Time: 2:55; 6 Hrs. Credit
©1995 Chicago Dental Society
Series #175

A shift in periodontics from “removal and resection” to “replacement and regeneration” is presently seen. Using procedures referred to as “periodontal plastic surgery,” clinicians can now predictably cover exposed root surfaces (even those previously restored), cover exposed crown margins, and augment ridges. The very successful Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft is demonstrated.

The attainment of root coverage using several different surgical techniques is further emphasized with high-tech graphics and state-of-the-art instruments. With the Subepithelial CT graft, the immediate improvement in esthetics (gingival form and function), and elimination of cold sensitivity is illustrated. Post-surgical instructions are discussed, one-week post-op results are shown, and proper dental and medical insurance coding is reviewed.

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