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Flirting or Hurting?

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Format : DVD
Whether you’re a teacher, guidance counselor, or school administrator, the Flirting or Hurting? video provides a safe and comfortable forum for discussing sexual harassment with your students. Using a common sense approach, Hurting or Flirting? helps students distinguish between harmless flirting and offensive behavior.

The 60-minute video is composed of the following segments:

Segment 1: What is Sexual Harassment?
Through four vignettes presented by moderator Toks Olagundoye, your students will learn the definition of sexual harassment, see examples of offensive behavior, and learn about the devastating effects often associated with sexual harassment.

Segment 2: Stopping Sexual Harassment
Students will learn what Title IX means to them and, more importantly, what to do if they find themselves the targets of sexual harassment. Toks presents a “Take Action” section which offers suggestions on how students can work to eliminate sexual harassment in their schools through prevention and intervention.

Segment 3: Video Teacher Guide
This segment offers suggestions for educator son how to use Flirting or Hurting? effectively in your school. In a roundtable discussion, a group of educators provide background information on the subject of sexual harassment and explain: Why it’s necessary to educate kids on sexual harassment How and where to use the Flirting or Hurting?

Click here for teacher's guide

Ideal For grades 6-9
Duration: 60 minutes
©1997 WGBY Televsion
Series #691

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