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Gender Equity In The Classroom

Professional Training
Duration: 48 minutes
©1998 WGBY Televsion

Gender Equity in the Classroom, hosted by leading education researcher David Sadker, Ed.D, examines the subtle but potent gender biases in today’s classrooms. Using scripted classroom scenes to graphically illustrate biased and equitable teaching, the program is a powerful tool for use in pre-service education classrooms or in professional development workshops.

Three scenes focus on a different area of disparity between females and males.
-The interaction between students and teachers.
-The teacher's planning and classroom management.
-Content of the curriculum.

The scenes are then rewritten to show how thoughtful teaching strategies can undo this bias and promote equity. In between the classroom scenes, Dr. Sadker, a professor of Education at American University, explains what is biased in each scene and provides background information and tips on equitable teaching strategies.

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Gender Equity in the Classroom
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Gender Equity in the Classroom
Examine the subtle but potent gender biases in today’s classrooms.
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