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Gregory The Terrible Eater

Reading Rainbow Episodes - Gregory  The Terrible Eater
Reading Rainbow Episodes - Gregory  The Terrible Eater
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Format : DVD
Theme:A look at the specially prepared diets of the animals at the zoo shows the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet for people,

Gregory the goat is a very picky eater, wanting only fruits, vegetables, eggs, and orange juice and refusing the usual goat diet of shoes and tin cans. His parents become very worried and eventually teach him to enjoy a variety of goat foods.

LeVar finds out that people as well as animals need a nutritionally balanced diet, when he goes to the San Diego Zoo kitchen to learn more about animal diets, visits Billy and Nanny’s Barnyard Cafe for a snack, and joins three youngsters cooking with a New York hotel chef.

Author: Mitchell Sharmat
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Field Trip Segments
The Barnyard Cafe - LeVar visits Barny and Nanny's Barnyard Cafe, a restaurant which is run by people dressed as goats.
San Diego Zoo Kitchen - Dieticians at the San Diego Zoo kitchens talk about zoo animals and their specialized diets.
Everybody Likes Food - See a variety of zoo animals eating their dinner while listening to the song "Everybody Likes Food".
Review Books:  Mrs. Pig’s Bulk Buy by Mary Rayner; Poem Stew edited by William Cole; Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cookbookedited by Gerald Knox.
Use this episode to further enhance your science curriculum.  Science Concepts: nutrition, food groups, food testing, identification.
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Use this episode to further enhance your math curriculum.  Math Concepts: measurement, graphing, classification.
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 Rights granted with purchase include: a) life of media audiovisual use and  b) public performance.

Ideal for Grades: K -4
Duration: 30 minutes
Closed Captioned
Series #126

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