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Practical Solutions to Everyday Periodontal Problems

Price: $60.00
Order Number: 175.0143
Format : DVD
Clinician: Stephen B. Towns, D.D.S
Viewing Time: 2:56; 6 Hrs. Credit
©2000 Chicago Dental Society
Series #175

Periodontal disease, prevalent in 90% of the population, is the major cause of adult tooth loss. General dentists are routinely faced with treatment decisions that have a long-term impact on the periodontal health of their patients.

The program focuses on scaling and root planing instrumentation, the use of various sonic and ultrasonic scaling devices, instrument care, and demonstration of the use of various localized delivery systems. The limitations of nonsurgical care are also discussed and demonstrated (soft tissue management versus definitive care) along with the management of mobility and sensitivity problems.

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