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As children, you don’t realize the significance of everyday life and how even the smallest things will affect you later. You don’t realize that at this very moment, you’re creating memories. But as adults, there are snippets of events and things you learned that you do look back on fondly. Reading Rainbow is that for many adults. From June of 1983 to August of 2009, Reading Rainbow episodes aired on PBS, and to this day is still one of the most loved children’s television series with 26 Emmy awards and a Peabody Award.

 Kids growing up during those 26 years remember watching LeVar Burton and exploring all sorts of new things and going on adventures right from their home.  Many say it was a magical part of the day. After school, they’d grab a healthy snack and unwind while LeVar took them on another adventure, before starting on homework and chores.  Whether they realized it or not, they were still learning. Elementary math, reading, science in the background while a story unfoldsleaves something behind—knowledge.

And now that Reading Rainbow episodes have stopped airing, you would think that would be the end—and not of a chapter, but of a book. Except that it’s not really the end. Educators and parents even can continue to share Reading Rainbow with elementary aged children through Reading Rainbow DVDs. There are a total of 153 episodes to share with students. Reading Rainbow videos even come with teaching guides and activities to incorporate Reading Rainbow into elementary curriculum.

And as teachers and parents pop in a Reading Rainbow DVD, they’ll be creating memories for a new generation. They’ll look back on Reading Rainbow fondly and think of how cool it was to be a kid and the cool stories they watched on DVD.

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