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Reading Rainbow CD-ROM

13 Reading Rainbow Episodes CD-ROM

Reading Rainbow has a variety of educational media and resources for educators. Besides Reading Rainbow videos, there are also CD-ROMs. Instead of occupying your entire class time with a Reading Rainbow DVD, you can reward your students with individual computer time where they can still learn a few things. Reading Rainbow episodes on CD-ROMs are the same stories as aired on PBS. The only difference is that the episode can be watched on a computer instead of a television.

CD-ROMs are even more enjoyable for students because there are interactive activities and games they can play to reinforce the story and lesson. Each episode on a CD-ROM comes with supplemental stories and recommendations for other books. Reading Rainbow specifically designed each CD-ROM to be user-friendly with an easy to navigate interface and eye catching graphics. Your student can then enjoy a Reading Rainbow book on his or her own with very little assistance from you, which is nice when you’re trying to help other students in the class.

Reading Rainbow episodes on CD-ROM are compatible with Microsoft Windows 95 through 2000 as well as Windows Vista. Mac operating systems OS7.5 or above also work. Take advantage of free shipping while supplies last.

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