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Remote Control

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This episode looks at the past, present and future of television, and questions whether the capabilities of new technologies such as the internet and satellites, will be directed toward sales or service.     

Segments include:  History of the Future, Miss Menu’s Interactive World , Satellites and you, TV Connection, That Rush, The Net and The Third Wave.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
After viewing these segments the Teacher’s Guide  exercises challenge your students to:  
- Analyse  the hype used to promote new technology.                                        
- Create new uses for the Internet                                                                                  
- Research Web sites and complare topical information found.                    
- Write about whether public broadcasting serves the pulbic interest and how America should respond to hate speech.    

Click here for teacher's guide

Length:   60 minutes:
Produced by: ©1996  Mixed Media                                               
Closed Captioned
Series #668
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