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Simplifying Difficult Extractions

Price: $60.00
Order Number: 175.0106
Format : DVD
Clinician: Karl R. Koerner, D.D.S.
Viewing Time: 2:59; 6 Hrs. Credit
©1994 Chicago Dental Society
Series #175

The episode includes:

1) The extraction of maxillary teeth, alveoplasty, and denture insertion on a 71-year-old male whose several fractured teeth require surgical removal. Sixteen methods for removing fractured roots are also given, including a listing of basic and supplemental supplies, alveoplasty guidelines, and patient management.

2) Removal of impacted third molars #1 and #32 on an 18-year-old female. #32 is sectioned vertically. Oral sedation is used on both patients. Diagnosis, case selection, and referral criteria are covered.

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