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Surgical Management of Ectopically Positioned or Unerupted Teeth

Price: $60.00
Order Number: 175.0142
Format : DVD
Clinician: Robert L. Vanarsdall, Jr. D.D.S.
Viewing time: 1:54: 4 Hrs Credit
©2000 Chicago Dental Society ,br> Series #175

Problems treating unerupted teeth, including devitalizing, reexposure, ankylosis, marginal bone loss, and gingival recession can be prevented with proper management of the periodontal tissues at the time a tooth is surgically uncovered.

This presentation demonstrates the proper surgical procedure to uncover labial as well as palatally positioned teeth. Localization and methods to determine the exact position of the unerupted tooth are reviewed, along with brackets or other attachments that are bonded to the tooth seven to ten days after the surgical procedure to begin tooth movement.

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