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Tooth Preparation: The First Step Towards Esthetic Neogenesis

Price: $60.00
Order Number: 175.0138
Format : DVD
Clinician: David A. Garber, D.D.S
Viewing Time: 3:36; 7 Hrs. Credit
©1999 Chicago Dental Society
Series #175

The increased demand for esthetic restorations to enhance appearance makes tooth preparation critical. The evolution in ceramics and dental adhesives allows for restorations which are indiscernible from natural teeth. Accelerated approaches to tooth preparation using new and innovative instrumentation are shown.

Topics include a rapid approach in developing optimal preparation, finish line configurations, impression materials and methods, and temporization. The all-ceramic systems (Procera, Empress, and others) are also discussed, along with partial tooth coverage, new cements, and new ceramometal framework designs. Management of full coverage versus partial coverage restorations, all-ceramic versus ceramometal restorations, and implant-supported versus tooth-supported restorations are also covered.

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