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TV Reality?

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This episode focuses on the information function of television, and addresses concerns that the profit motive has corrupted this public service.  Segments probe the image-conscious newsroom, the condensed version of reality it presents and the effect of rating competition as an over emphasis on sensationalism and a tendency toward “news as entertainment.”  Television has been called a “window on the world”, but whose window is it and who frames it?                                                                                                                                                                     

 Segments include:  And Now the news, Tonight’s Top Story, The news Doctors, The Media Chef Meets Video News Releases, The news Doctors in Nashville, The Media Chef Meets “Cops”, and Managing Ourselves, Imaging Others.

For these segments  the Teacher's Guide exercises challenge students to:  

-Anayze sensationism in the news and how stories are taken out of the larger social context in order to fit the TV format.
-Create their own newscast, reality show, and musical backdrop.
-Research the history of broadcast news, and compare TV news to print journalism.
-Write about the criticism that entertainment is tainting th news, and how a story isn't considered "news" unless it has a dramatic pciture to accompany it. 

Click here for teacher's guide

Length: 60 Minutes
Produced by:  ©1996  Mixed Media                                                 
Closed Captioned
Series #668 

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