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Watching TV Watch Us

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This episode juxtaposes the business aspects of television, the phenomenal amount of money that goes into programming and advertising  strategies, with a look at viewers’ responses to television.  Segments explore how these strategies impact society, from viewer identification with TV images to manipulation of the target audience, to the misrepresentation of minorities.     

Segments include: The Big Game, the Marketplace, Kids Play, Two Unruly Women, Soap Opera,  and Puerto Rican I.D.    
After viewing the  segments, the Teacher’s Guide exercises challenge your student to:      
- Analyze the effect of advertising on society.  

- Create their own ad strategies, ad and TV shows.                                          

- Write about the disparities between real life and the TV version.  

Click here for teacher's guide

Length:  60 Minutes
Produced by: ©1996  Mixed Media
Closed Captioned
Series #668

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