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A Tutor's Workshop: Helping Students With Special Learning Needs

Price: $300.00
Order Number: 638.0000
Format : DVD

A Tutor’s Workshop is intended to help support the student with a learning disability and/or ADHD, returning adult learners, deaf and hard of hearing populations and all learners by ensuring everyone acquires the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the workplace and society. By keeping students in school through retention methods such as peer tutoring communities we will have a more qualified work force for the demands of the future.

A Tutor’s Workshop is intended to be used by peer tutors, their trainers, classroom instructors and administrators in two-year colleges. The goal is that you be empowered to deal with some of the more prevalent challenges your students must deal with, through learning about the larger issues they face and finding specific strategies for dealing with these issues.

A Tutor’s Workshop components are :
Self-paced Interactive Course)
Indexed video segments

Interactive Course provides text, video based instruction, exercises, self-check activities and web links. The Course must be used on a personal computer with DVD drive.

Use the complete course during initial training and specific modules for a refresher. The menu navigation tools allow easy access of specific modules or chapters in a module.

Modules in the interactive course are:
•Overview and Site Map
•Learning Disabilities
•Related Syndromes and/or Disorders
•Skill Building
•Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
•Returning Adult Students
•To the Peer Tutor
•To the Counselor
•To The Classroom Instructor
•To the Administrator

Instructor based workshop setting provides the opportunity to watch the entire video or specific video segments. The DVD may be played on a DVD player or computer. A second DVD with the Spanish audio and subtitles is also provided.

Video segments are:
A) Introduction
B) Types of Learning Disabilities
C) Learning Styles
D) Problem Solving Skills
E) Cognitive Study Skills
F) Building Math Confidence
G) Personal Learning
H) Affective Skills
I) Deaf and HOH Students
J) Adult Students

The purchase price is $300.00 for the first copy and $30.00 for each additional copy, plus shipping and handling per location/campus. The lower cost for additional copies makes it possible to place multiple copies in a learning or tutoring center.

Rights granted for purchase of the DVD include: a) life of media audiovisual use and b) public performance. Right to transmit via closed circuit and digital/video-on-demand is also available is also available for $100.00 per campus.

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