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Reading Rainbow CD-ROMs are a fantastic addition to the classroom. With eye-catching graphics and a friendly interface, students easily navigate the CD-ROM to view popular episodes and discover interactive learning activities with little teacher supervision.

The CD)ROM is cCompatible with Windows and Mac. The CD-ROM inludes the complete Bugs eisode as seen on PBS:

Feature Book – Bugs by Nancy Winslow Parker and Joan Richards Wright – This book includes general information, jokes and descriptions of the physical characteristics, habits, and natural environment of a variety of common insects.
A Visit to Insect World – With the assistance of an entomologist, LeVar discovers the uniqueness of a wide variety of bugs and Insects at Cincinnati Zoo’s Insect World.
Migration of Monarch Butterflies – Take a trip to the mountains in Mexico to find out where monarch butterflies go when they migrate for the winter.
Review Books– Ant Cities by Arthur Dorros; Backyard Insects by Millicent E. Selsan and Ronald Goor; Ladybug by Barrie Watts.

Interactive activities to enhance learning opportunities:
1) An Upclose Look at Bugs
- Use a microscope to look at bugs.
2) Create Your Own Bug- A flip book of bugs divided into three sections allows users to create their own bugs.

Supplemental Resources include teacher guides with science focused activites such as:
Creating a Venn diagram comparing insects and spiders, go on an observation, insect hunt, or make an original bug out of paper.
Guiding students through hands on experiments focusing on how bugs walk on water and how spiders have a unique structure driving their movement.

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