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Format : DVD

One day, a brand new computer arrives at the castle that has been sent by Binary Bill. After unpacking and setting up the monitor, mouse and key board, the Monsters plug it in and turn it on - only to discover that Binary Bill has set certain challenges before the Monsters can log on. These challenges are in the form of exploratory math questions that get the Monsters (and viewers) seeing some of the playful sides of math.

Once the questions have been addressed, though not necessarily with the “one and only correct answer”, the monsters are treated to some of the wonderful variety of communication and learning possibilities the computer provides in the form of email, the internet, calculations and games.

Our field trip involves a visit to a working mathematician who explains how she uses computers and other math tools in her work.

Rights granted include: a) life of media audiovisual use, b) public performance, and c) campus or building closed circuit.

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Ideal for grades: Pre-K - 3
Duration: 15 minutes
©2000 Slim Goodbody Productions
Series #777

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