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Destert Giant: The World of the Saguaro Cactus CD-ROM

Reading Rainbow Episodes
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Reading Rainbow CD-ROMs are a fantastic addition to the classroom. With eye-catching graphics and a friendly interface, students easily navigate the CD-ROM to view popular episodes and discover interactive learning activities with little teacher supervision.

Compatible with Windows and Mac

Feature Book – Desert Giant: The World of the Saguaro Cactus by Barbara Bash – This is the saga of the life cycle and ecosystem of the giant saguaro cactus and the animals it helps to support in the desert.

Discover Life in the Desert – LeVar introduces its inhabitants, including jackrabbits, bobcats, gila monsters, javelina pigs, and woodpeckers.
Discover More About Cactus and Rattlesnakes – LeVar explores how cacti adapt to the heat and scarcity of water and explains the appropriate dress for people in a hot, dry climate. A “snake man” offers a close-up look at rattlesnakes.
Seasons in the Desert – LeVar explains the life and seasons of the desert. Song Desert Seasons is about the changing seasons of the desert with a video montage.
Book Reviews – Snakes Are Hunters by Patricia Lauber; Cactus by Cynthia Overbeck; A Living Desert by Guy J. Spencer.

All the software you need to run the CD-ROM, including simple installation instructions.

Interactive activities to enhance learning opportunities:
1) Visit the Desert
- take a virtual trip using a panoramic view, moving closer and further back.
2) Create a Desert Habitat - by choosing the appropriate animals for day and night in the desert, you create the habitat.
3) Seasons in the Sun - create travel brochures.

Supplemental Resources
- Language Arts Teacher Guide
- Science Focused Activities
- Integrated Curriculum Activities
- Supplemental Book List
- Family Activities

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