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Earth Systems I

Price: $29.95
Order Number: 897.0306
Format : DVD

Whitewater Rafting - While rafting on the American River, Rasheed, Kohner, Scotty, and JB measure the river grade, water flow, and study the flow patterns around eddies, holes, and tongues.

Scientist Profile - Underwater geologist Carol Reiss' research helps scientists better understand earthquakes. She has studied the ocean floor firsthand in the submersible, the Turtle.

Riddle - How can you tell the earth is really rotating?

Rights granted with purchase include: a) life of media audiovisual use, b) public performance, c) campus or building closed circuit and digital/video-on-demand transmission.

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Ideal for Grades: 4-7
Duration: 30 minute episode
Closed Captioned
Producer: Twin Cities Public Television
Series #897

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