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We know that not all kids learn the same way. Some can read and understand concepts easily while others it may take a little more time or need more explanation. That’s why Reading Rainbow offers educational DVDs.  All kids need to learn these elementary concepts in order to be successful in not only the rest of their academic careers, but their entire lives. Teachers have a great burden, but it’s also a privilege. Teaching is a privilege.

Do you remember the feeling you felt when you saw a student read their first sentence? That magical moment will be cherished for a little while. But what about the student or students who struggle? If they can’t read, they’ll have a difficult next 12 years. 

Those students struggling to read may be visual learners. Reading Rainbow DVDs can help you as an educator break that barrier between site and sound recognition. Reading Rainbow DVDs are designed around books.  Students will be able to follow along. At the same time, they’ll also learn other important life lessons.  Watching these episodes won’t even seem like a learning activity. And before they (and you) know it, they’ll be reading with very little effort.

The value in educational DVDs is in how well the students respond to the information. Visual learners will grasp concepts easier. The little light in their heads will turn on and they’ll start thinking in ways they never knew they could.

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