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The Milk Makers

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Format : DVD
Theme: Learning how things work, like milk, is an essential part of understanding how our world works.

It’s fresh and cold, foamy and white, and one of nature’s most nutritious foods—milk! Everyone learns about this delicious liquid as this book explains the process of how cows produce milk and how it is processed before being delivered to stores.

LeVar visits California’s dairy country where he receives a lesson on milking a cow by hand, as well as an introduction to the modern way of milking and feeding 600 cows. Viewers get a factory tour and see how cheese is made.

Author: Gail Gibbons
Publisher: Atheneum
Field Trip Segments
Let's Milk a Cow - Louis Caleagra, a dairy farmer, teaches LeVar how to milk a cow by hand. Later, LeVar visits the modern dairy facility of Randy Ricca and milks with an electric milker.
The Milk Team - A special basketball team demonstrates how the body uses the vitamins and minerals found in milk.
Say Cheese - Visit the Vella Cheese factory and see how milk is made into cheese.
Baby Cows are Calves - LeVar meets and feeds a one-day-old calf.
Review BooksBaby Animals on the Farm by Hans-Heinrich Isenbart; Whales and Other Sea Mammals by Elsa Posell; From Blossom to Honey by Ali Mitgutsch.

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Use this episode to further enhance your science and math curriculum.  
Science Concepts:
characteristics of animals, nutritutional values, measurement.
Math Concepts: liquid measurement, surveying, graphing, estimation, patterns, comparisons.
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Click here for  Theme Lesson Plan -- "Making Butter"
Click here for  Theme Lesson Plan -- "Making a Food Chain - From Cow to Me"

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Rights granted with purchase include: a) life of media audiovisual use and  b) public performance.

Ideal for Grades: K - 4
Duration: 30 minutes
Closed Captioned
Series #126

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