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Moving Westward

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Format : DVD
By the 1840s, the westward movement of the American people had brought them once again into territory claimed by other people and other nations.

We analyze the "Manifest Destiny" of the United States, as the nation annexes Texas, acquires the Oregon territory and forces Mexico to cede California and the southwest as a result of war.

Students will learn how the idea of Manifest Destiny helped expand the United States westward, as well as:
-The differences between acquiring the Oregon Territory and Texas.
-The reasons behind the war with Mexico and its consequences following the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Rights granted with purchase include: a) life of media audiovisual use, b) public performance, c) campus or building closed circuit and digital/video-on-demand transmission.

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Ideal for Grades: 9 -12
Duration: 30 minutes
Closed Captioned
© 2004 Dallas Telelearning
Series #816

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