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On The Day You Were Born

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Order Number: 126.0126
Format : DVD
Theme:The birth of a child is cause for great celebration. NOTE: This episode includes a live birth.

The feature book is a sensitive and tender book about the wonder of the birth of a child.

LeVar takes viewers on a delicate journey into a hospital maternity ward filled with newborns. A family preparing for a new member shares how they are getting ready for the baby, and as the time arrives for the birth, we join the mother and father in the delivery room.
Author: Debra Frasier
Publisher: Harcourt Brace

Filed Trip Segments
Inside the Womb – How a baby grows inside of the mother’s womb.
The Family Prepares – Tom and Kay Estes and their children are expecting a new baby sister, Jessica. We learn what it takes for the family to prepare for this event.
The Baby’s Birth – Follow Kay Estes to the hospital where she gives birth to baby Jessica.
Review Books:  A Teeny Tiny Baby by Amy Schwartz; How You Were Born by Joanna Cole; One Round Moon and a Star for Me by Ingrid Mennen.
NOTE: This episode includes a live birth. Previewing is recommneded.

Rights granted with purchase include: a) life of media audiovisual use and  b) public performance
Ideal for Grades: K - 4
Duration: 30 minutes
Closed Captioned
Series #126
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