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Vanishing Point: Rational Expressions

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Order Number: 879.0010
Format : DVD

Vanishing Point: Rationals focuses on using rational expressions and equations in multiple ways. Proportional relationships are introduced in a catch-recatch simulation and in a mixture problem. In a strictly numerical setting, the effect of raising a rational number to a power is explored.

The episode begins with the X-team considering how to determine the number of Others. With the help of a catch-recatch system that Holon devised, a proportion is set up. As students solve the proportion, multiple methods can be used instead of relying solely on the means-extremes product property of proportionality.

In the next segment, students have an opportunity to apply proportions to a different type of problem, this time one that involves mixtures. Even though this sounds like a traditional problem found in algebra, this problem allows students to consider non-routine strategies to solve it.

In the final segment, the focus shifts slightly to rational numbers and the effect of raising a number to a power. This may surprise students to notice that when is raised to the power of 6, for example, the denominator gets larger. In essence, this means that the magnitude of the fraction is smaller, even though it was raised to a power. This may seem counter-intuitive to students because their experience with raising numbers to a power has shown that the magnitude of whole numbers increases, sometimes drastically.

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Ideal for grades 6-8
Duration: fifteen minute episode
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