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Searching for Stability

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Format : DVD
The state of the nation in 1789 begged for signs of stability. We examine how the political leadership of George Washington and the economic plan of Alexander Hamilton shaped the United States in the 1790s—and for generations afterwards.

Your students will discover the reasons George Washington was nominated the first President of the United States and how his strength and personality kept the country together through its infancy, as well as:
--The contrasting views of Jefferson and Hamilton on how the government should interpret the Constitution and run the government.
--The significance of the Whiskey Rebellion and the central government’s ability to tax.
--The effects westward expansion had on the Native Americans and slavery.

Rights granted with purchase include: a) life of media audiovisual use, b) public performance, c) campus or building closed circuit and digital/video-on-demand transmission.

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Ideal for Grades: 9 -12
Duration: 30 minutes
Closed Captioned
© 2004 Dallas Telelearning
Series #816

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