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The Sign Painters Dream

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Format : DVD
Theme: Signs serve many purposes–they inform us, direct us, persuade us, sell ideas and products, and keep us safe.

A spunky old woman’s request and an unusual dream convince Crabby Clarence, the sign painter, to make the most glorious and magnificent sign of his career and then give it away.

In this episode LeVar finds out about signs and the role they play in our everyday lives. To find out about advertising, he talks to an advertising person and watches old TV ads. Then he tours a sign making plant to track the construction of a giant sign from beginning to installation and lighting in New York City’s Times Square.

Author: Roger Roth
Publisher: Crown

Field Trip Segments
Find out what observation skills can teach us
- LeVar rides a roller coaster and then uses his observation skills to understand how they work. Next, the reenactment of how George de Mestral observed the stick-to-it-tiveness of burrs, demonstrates how his observation skills lead to the invention of Velcro.
Crash test dummies and so much more – LeVar helps us understand more about how the use of good observation skills leads to better safety features, new space inventions and improving high jumping skills of athletes.
Review BooksWhat Makes Popcorn Pop? :And Other Questions about The World Around Us by Jack Myers; I Wonder Why Soap Makes Bubbles: And Other Questions About Science by Barbara Taylor; Science Magic (Series) by Chris Oxlade.

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Ideal for Grades: K -4
Duration: 30 minutes
Closed Captioned
Series #126

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