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The Decade of 1930-1939

Price: $49.95
Order Number: 795.0004
Format : DVD

The 1930s was a time of emotional as well as economic depression. President Roosevelt envisioned a new role for the federal government, one that would find the government increasingly more involved in the lives of the people.

Europeans, and Germans in particular, were reeling from the ravages of World War I and the harsh Treaty of Versailles. The economic climate was perfect for the growing of political extremes such as Fascism, Nazism, and Communism.

This episode has two DVDs. One provides a linear play format and the other an indexed format. The indexed format is ideal for students preparing video reports.

Rights granted with purchase include: a) life of media audiovisual use, b) public performance, c) campus or building closed circuit and digital/video-on-demand transmission.

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Ideal for Grades: 9 -12
Duration: 55 minutes
Closed Captioned
© 1999 Passport Productions
Series #795

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