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The Music Lesson

Price: $49.95
Order Number: 1100.0000
Ideal for grades 7-12
Length: One 70-minute episode
©2009 Greenbox Entertainment, LLC

The Music Lesson tells the story of two groups of young people from extraordinarily different backgrounds as they use the power of music to discover each other's worlds.

Ten classically trained students from the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras traveled across the world for a life-changing cultural exchange with a group of students from Laikipia, Kenya, whose tribal elders have passed down the tradition of singing, dancing and playing music for centuries.

The Music Lesson DVD menu allows you to play the complete episode or the following chapters.

• Making music - title sequence in Kenya, Introduction to the symphony in Boston, Kenyan children learn about the exchange program.
• Perspectives - Introduction to Oneko and Michel, Parent and student concerns about the trip.
• Journey begins - Landing in Kenya and Svevaʼs first appearance, arrival at the camp, exploring the new surroundings.
• Out of the box - The students struggle to play along with the choir for the first time. The students meet Oneko, Michel, and the Kenyan children. Oneko initiates his first lesson. The students and Kenyan children interact with each other, play soccer and drum together. The students perform for the Kenyan children. BYSO students try to teach the Kenyan children how to play their instruments. The Kenyan students sing for BYSO students.
• Moran Clinic - The children volunteer at a field clinic and reflect upon their experience.
• The Concert The BYSO students practice more with the Kenyan children and go on to perform their final concert, say goodbye to their new Kenyan friends and reflect on their experience.

"A masterful blend of artistic expression and uncompromising truth" - Oliver W. Ottley, III, Musician & Writer

"The Music Lesson demonstrates the power of experiential learning to enrich and transform lives." - Congressman Pete Stark (D-CA)

"Music is a universal language, they say. But is it? We wanted to find out and the results stirred our soul." - Corbin Gwaltney, Chairman, The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Music Lesson was produced by Greenbox Entertainment, LLC in association with The Chronicle of Higher Education

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