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What Kids Want to Know About Sex and Growing Up

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Format : DVD
Pre-teens are often confused, sometimes fearful, and frequently misinformed about sex and the physical changes of puberty. They need accurate and sensitively presented information. To address this need, this 1998 Children’s Television Workshop show is informal. In discussions with sex educators Ronda Wise and Robert Selverstone, real kids ask real questions — and get straightforward, reassuring answers about puberty, sex, sexuality, and reproduction. Simple animation and line drawings are also used to help illustrate the physiology of puberty and reproduction.

"Parents are significantly pleased with the video, even the little I show them at speaking engagements. Even though it was produced 10 years ago, it is still the best program for raising sexually healthy children." —Robert Selverstone, PH.D. Licensed Psychologist from Westport, CT

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Ideal for grades 5 -8
Length: 60 minutes
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